Attracting and retaining top talent through corporate culture

Corporate culture is more than just a set of words in a handbook. It is the values, traditions, attitudes and principles that make up the mindset of your business.

When new hires are looking at joining your organisation, they look at your corporate culture to determine whether you are a good fit for them. Putting effort into your culture will help attract and retain top talent. Everyone in the organisation needs to be involved in creating and maintaining the culture.

Attracting and retaining top talent through corporate culture

So here are the essential elements that help make up your corporate culture for a new hire:

The hiring process

Culture starts from the first contact with a potential new hire and ends when they leave the business. If you want the business to be known as a fun and creative then make your hiring process fun and exciting for the individual. If your culture is professional, then ensure your hiring process is professional.


Feedback is a meaningful way to bring your corporate culture to life with your employees. Highlight your key priorities to your employees and what is essential to your business. Maybe a big focus for your company culture is to be a paperless business, so that becomes the first topic on your agenda.

Acknowledge the wins

Milestones are vital; they are what keeps employees motivated. You and your company need to acknowledge the wins in your business, not just the professional ones but the personal wins in your employees’ life. Celebrate birthdays, engagements and make it more inclusive for your employees.


The way you talk to your teams shapes the culture of your business. Whether you send out daily emails, have morning team huddle or have an open door policy it all speaks to your company culture. It’s not just the way you communicate; it’s also the tone and authenticity that your employees will pick up on.

Moving up the ranks

Who and how you promote says a lot to staff about what you value. If you ignore bullying or bad behaviour from an employee who otherwise performs well and promotes them, it speaks volumes to your employees. Same goes for promoting someone who has been in the organisation longer over someone who is an overall better employee. It sends a message about what you value louder and clearer than any corporate newsletter.


Your leadership team are role models for your employees. If you want employees to believe in your culture, then your leadership team need to display it regularly and consistently. Your leadership team can’t say one thing and do the other; they need to live and breathe the company culture.

Maintaining a corporate culture requires dedication, and it greatly impacts how potential employees see your business. If you want to be attracting and retaining top talent, then make your company culture a priority.

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