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Our Construction team supply sites nationwide with the following staff – Civil engineers / Quantity Surveyors / Mechanical & Electrical / Civils & Plant Operators / Recycling Operatives / Groundworkers / Carpenters, Scaffolders, Site Foreman / Agents, Machine Operators / Painters & Decorators, and most site-based trades. We supply anything from specialised Civil Engineering skills, Quantity Surveyors and Estimators to Interior Finishers, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors

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How to succeed in an online interview - woman interviewing online

11 Tips: How To Succeed in an Online Interview

Congratulations! You applied for a job and got through to the interview stage and it is an online interview. You don’t have to leave your house! But don’t be fooled into thinking there is less preparation needed for an online interview than there is for a face-to-face interview. The interviewer has seen potential in your

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How to quit a job you hate

How to quit a job you hate

Everything has a lifecycle, including jobs. People quit jobs for so many reasons, maybe a better job opportunity has come up, family circumstances have changed or you just hate this job. If you hate the job to the point where everyone around you knows, you are probably on the verge of quitting. And you should

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Does job hopping look bad?

Where do you stand on job hopping? I remember when I was in my very first job, everyone said to stay in a job for at least a year, no matter what. I was told that it would look bad if I left a job after a few months, or had few positions that only

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4 of the most revealing interview questions to ask candidates

If you followed our six week series on how to answer questions on core skills then you should be well versed on how to answer standard interview questions. Everyone should be able to answer questions on teamwork, communications and time management at the very least. As part of the interview process, you need to delve a bit deeper

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