8 reasons why you should work with a recruitment agency

If you are in Human Resources or are a Hiring Manager, you probably understand why companies use a recruitment agency. Hiring in almost any industry can be challenging at times. If you are hiring in a field or a location with a particular talent shortage, then that challenge becomes a time and resources drain for your organisation.

If you have been thinking about using a recruitment agency, then here are 8 reasons why working with an agency makes your recruitment process more manageable.

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1. Access to the best available talent

Using an experienced recruitment agency increases your opportunity to be seen by the best possible candidates in the market, both passive and active. When a company decides to hire and use their own time and resources they generally post one or two ads, usually in the local newsletter or online. However, with the right recruitment agency who specialises in your industry, such as Warehouse and Logistics, they will have the reputation and access to the best talent. Recruiters know the best sites to post ads, potential candidates will immediately recognise the ad. Furthermore, the candidate is likely to apply for it, adding to the recruitment agency’s pool of existing talent.


2. Shortlisting the talent

Going through countless resumes that are not a good fit for your role or your organisation is not the best use of your or your HR team’s time. A recruitment agency will manage the pre-screening process, removing the candidates that don’t fit the role. This means that you only need to focus on the top talent. By the time it comes to the interview stage you are meeting the best of the bunch.


3. Gets staff onsite quickly

Recruitment agencies already have a database filled with pre-screened potential candidates waiting to be placed in either permanent or temporary contracts.  As their only responsibility is recruitment, they can spend more time focused on getting through the hiring process. If you are trying to juggle recruitment on top of your regular role in the business, it may take you weeks to get through the entire process from posting the ad, to receiving and reviewing resumes, filtering through each one to find the most suitable applicants, interviewing and offering the role and checking references for the your applicant. It is a timely process.


4. Sector expertise

Recruitment consultants know what you are looking for, they are experts at screening, filtering and profiling candidates. Your human resources team might not have the same level of expertise, or they may not have the time to put into doing a thorough job of finding someone.


5. Expert industry knowledge

Recruitment consultants know their industry like the back of their hand. They know the legalities for hiring a permanent or temporary staff member to join your organisation. They can manage the end of contract requirements such as payroll and P45.


6. Salary benchmarking

Are you aware of the current salary rates for your industry? Recruitment consultants use salary data and local market knowledge to determine the correct salary for each role. They have an understanding of what your competitors offer in terms of salary and can provide the best advice on how to attract the best candidates to your organisation.


7. Temporary or Contract Hires

Recruitment agencies give you flexibility in your workforce. If you have busy periods where you need more staff, then temporary hires are the way to go. A recruitment agency can give you quick access to temporary candidates that suit your requirements.


8. Time and Money Saver

Using a recruitment agency can lead to increased efficiencies in your recruitment process. They will reduce the time and resources needed to fill gaps in your workforce. Due to their access to skilled labour, the turnaround time from identifying the type of staff needed to fill the gap is much quicker.


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