4 Simple life-changing work habits for 2019

I’m sure you’ve set your 2019 resolutions. Gym, eat clean, read a book a month? We don’t always think about setting a new resolution for work.

But it’s worth sitting down and coming up with at least one new habit for the year ahead — something that will boost your productivity, make you happier.

4 Simple life-changing work habits for 2019

Here are our four very simple habits that bring out the best in you this year.

1 – Put the phone away!

You will survive without it. We are all guilty of a cheeky scroll of our Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat feed at work. But it kills our productivity. By leaving your phone in your handbag, coat pocket or drawer means you will be less distracted by it at work, you’ll be more actively engaged with your colleagues, in meetings, and you’ll be more approachable.

2 – Take breaks

Get up from the desk a few times a day for a short walk or a little chat with colleagues. Walking away from the desk in short bursts is good for your physical and mental health. Walking meetings are brilliant for updating colleagues or getting their opinion on project work. Or just as a nice way to get to know each other. A short walk will give you better energy or focus.

3 – Arrive early

This is a really attractive habit in every area of life. By arriving on time can reduce stress because you are not rushing to get there. You’ll feel like you are on top of things, you’ll look like you have your stuff together. And you will annoy fewer people.

4 – To do list

At the end of every day write down your to-do list for the next day. It will help you stay on top of your workload and priorities. It also means that you start every day knowing what you are going to be doing.

These four suggestions are so simple but highly effective. And they will bring out your best side at work and in your personal life.

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