Interview Preparation 101: Adaptability

Adaptability is the ability to deal with unpredictable issues or changes when they come up. If you go into an interview, you will be asked about how you deal with changes in the workplace. Employers are looking for candidates that can handle change, balance priorities and stay calm when ad hoc tasks come up.

interview preparation adaptability

Saying that you can handle change well is not enough. The interviewer is trying to assess how quickly you will settle into a new role. It’s important to give examples of how you have transitioned into a new project, team or organisation and how you handled that change.

If you are applying to a fast-paced job, it may also be important for the interviewer to find out how you deal with a rapidly changing workplace. You need people to give examples about how you can manage your time and your tasks to be ready for things that pop up. Being able to adapt your workload and priorities to what is happening in the business is vital, and it’s becoming an increasingly desirable skill.

When answering questions on adaptability, you need to showcase why you can adapt by focusing on your skills, character traits and natural abilities. Understanding your unique talents and communicating how these will benefit a future employer will help position you as an insightful, action-oriented individual who would be an asset to any company.

As a recruitment agency, we know the importance of being well prepared for job interviews. If you missed any of our previous posts – be sure to review teamworkclient facing skills, time managementcommunication and motivation.

Being prepared with examples of each skill is essential to the success of your interview and ultimately you getting the job. Use strong examples of how you can demonstrate each skill and make them relevant to the job that you are applying for.

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