Christmas Workplace Party: An Employers Guide to Creating a Memorable and Inclusive Christmas Party

Christmas workplace party

Are you looking forward to your Christmas workplace party? With the holiday season just around the corner, let’s talk about: Christmas workplace parties!! We know it is silly season but how silly can you and your staff be at your work Christmas do??? Do work rules still apply? Unfortunately, yes they do!

A Christmas party is a great opportunity for employers to show appreciation for their hardworking teams and foster a sense of camaraderie. However, it’s important to remember that workplace parties are considered extensions of the workplace itself, and as such, employers bear the responsibility for ensuring a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment.

In this blog post, we will explore key considerations and offer valuable tips on how to host a successful Christmas party while maintaining professionalism and adhering to workplace rules.

Recognise Your Christmas Workplace Party is an Extension of the Workplace:

Legally workplace parties are considered extensions of the workplace. Therefore it’s crucial for employers to convey to employees that workplace rules and policies still apply during the Christmas workplace party. Remind them that while the atmosphere may be more relaxed, expectations regarding appropriate behaviour, respect, and professionalism remain unchanged. Reinforce that any incidents of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, or other misconduct will be taken seriously and addressed accordingly.

Communicate Expectations:

While people like to go wild at the Christmas workplace party and just want to have some fun with their colleagues. It is worth your while in the weeks leading up to the Christmas workplace party to make a proactive effort to communicate your expectations to employees. Send out a friendly email reminder to discuss appropriate conduct, highlight the importance of inclusivity and, if the party is mid week, remind the team that they are expected into work the next day. Emphasise that the Christmas party is an opportunity to celebrate together, get to know each other and strengthen team bonds but we also need to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment.

Foster an Inclusive Environment:

Remember what is fun for one person may not be fun for another person on your team. To ensure everyone feels comfortable and included at your Christmas workplace party, consider the following tips:
a) Venue Accessibility: Choose a venue that is easily accessible and accommodates the needs of all employees.
b) Dietary Restrictions: Cater to diverse dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other specific preferences.
c) Non-Alcoholic Options: Offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the festivities.
d) Sensitivity to Traditions: Recognise and respect the diverse cultural and religious backgrounds of your employees when planning the event.

Plan Engaging Activities:

In today’s working world a lot of staff may not know each other very well and may feel nervous to attend the Christmas workplace party. Adding engaging activities can create a fun and memorable experience for your employees and give them something to talk about and bond over. Consider:

  • Icebreaker Games: Include interactive games or activities that encourage team building and conversation among colleagues.
  • Gift Exchange: Organise a Kris Kindle or gift exchange activity, ensuring that the spending limit is reasonable for all participants.
  • Photo Booth or Props: Set up a photo booth or provide fun props to capture the joyous moments and create lasting memories.

Proactively Limit the Christmas Party Horror Stories:

We have all heard or witnessed the horror stories of when Christmas parties go wrong and more often than not, alcohol is involved! So these tips will help. Consider trying the following measures:

  1. Have a meal at the start of the evening or even finger food at the office before the partying begins.
  2. Consider adding an activity to the event e.g. bowling or an icebreaker from the above list.
  3. Provide Drink Tokens: Limit the number of alcoholic drinks per person by using drink tokens.
  4. Don’t pressure people to drink if they don’t want to.
  5. Don’t seat people who have issues with each other during the year together with alcohol involved they may become more expressive.

Team Building Opportunities:

Christmas parties offer a unique chance for team building and boosting team morale which can help with employee retention. They provide an informal setting where employees can interact and get to know each other on a personal level. Encourage employees to mingle, connect, and build relationships beyond their usual work interactions. A good game for this is Icebreaker Bingo, you can look up free templates online. The aim of the game is to encourage people to talk to their colleagues, find out fun facts about them. The bingo cards have prompts e.g. “does yoga” or “knows how to knit” etc.


Hosting a successful Christmas workplace party requires careful planning and a focus on creating an inclusive and respectful environment. By recognising that workplace rules apply, communicating expectations, fostering inclusivity, and incorporating team-building opportunities, employers can ensure a memorable and enjoyable celebration while avoiding any potential issues related to harassment, discrimination, bullying, or unauthorised absenteeism. Remember, the Christmas party is an opportunity to strengthen team dynamics, boost morale, and show appreciation for your employees’ hard work throughout the year so have fun too!!

Wishing you and your team a brilliant Christmas workplace party, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

From all the team at Allpro Recruitment

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