Building trust in a new job

Trust is the core of any relationship, including the ones you have with your manager, work colleagues and clients. When you start a new job you come in with no reputation, no history and you are starting from zero. Your team doesn’t trust you. Yet.

Building trust in a new job

Your biggest priority is learning about your job and your team. You want to secure some quick wins so that you can settle yourself into the role and get past the imposter syndrome.

Here are a few tips to help you build trust at work.

1 – Stay away from office gossip

Have you ever started a job and someone pulls you aside and tells you to avoid someone? It’s easy to get sucked in, but office gossip is toxic, and it will damage your reputation.
Resist the urge to gossip with colleagues, it’s unprofessional, and it’s unkind. If you need to vent then talk to someone outside of the company. If you have a genuine issue with someone, then speak to them or talk to your manager.

2 – Share information

If you want to build trust in a team, you have to be a team player first. Share information about your work and your projects, especially if you know it will help someone else. Don’t do it with the intentions of passing off work to someone else – tell people that can use the information in their job.

3 – Give trust to others first

If you want trust, you have to give it first. There are so many ways to show your managers and colleagues that you trust them. Asking for help, providing help to others, not meddling in other peoples work are great ways to earn trust. Be willing to start conversations, be open to getting to know your team and they will be open to getting to know you.

4 – Credit where credit’s due

Give genuine praise to colleagues. Make sure it is authentic and well-timed. You might decide to use a team meeting or an informal cup of tea to thank someone for all the help they’ve given you.
You will kill trust by taking credit for another person’s hard work. If you are getting help, let them and others know that it’s appreciated.

5 – Be consistent in every way

Be consistent in how you approach your work, aim to deliver quality every day. Managers don’t want to be guessing whether your work is good enough or not, you need to be trusted to do a good job.
Your attitude, mood and approach should be consistent too. It’s impossible to trust someone when you don’t know what you are going to get. Take measures to manage yourself, keep yourself calm and collected in the work environment.

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