Avoid job search frustration

There are only a few things that are more stressful than looking for a job. And it’s more stressful if you’re under pressure to find one. After a while it may feel like you’re banging your head off a wall. A bit of self-doubt might creep in, and it’s so important to ward it off. 

Avoid job frustration

Staying upbeat, looking after yourself and staying motivated will help you find a job. Employers are looking for someone who will have a positive impact on their team. They want you to be energised, enthusiastic and motivated. 

So how do you keep your sanity during a job search? Here are five tried and tested things that you can do every day to keep yourself upbeat and on the right track. 

Set daily goals

Mindset is everything! Goals keep you focused. Having clear daily and weekly goals will keep you on track. They don’t have to be life changing, but they do need to motivate you. It could be the number of jobs you apply for or the amount of time you spend on job sites. They can be personal like getting the laundry done, going to the gym or meeting someone for lunch. 

Your goals should help you achieve the desired outcome; securing a great job. We are a big fan of setting SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. Think about what actions will help you on your journey. It might be to connect with recruiters websites for relevant roles, call your references, update your CV. Clear goals will help you tick off your accomplishments, and keep you feeling like a winner.

Create a routine

When you are employed you have a routine; you have a start time, lunchtime and a go home time. So why not create one that works for you, because you do have a job and that is to find a job! 

Get up in the morning at the same time, schedule in your job search time, your breaks and your social activities. Fill your days with things that will help you find a job as well as get you out of the house.

Take breaks

With all the stress and frustration of applying for jobs, it can be easy to burn out. Employers can spot burnout a mile away, and they are not going to be jumping to hire a burnt out person.

In your new routine add in break times. It can be anything from going for coffee or tea, going for a walk. This is not the time to pick up unhealthy habits, focus on doing activities that will have a positive impact on you. 

Be around humans

You can’t beat a chat. It’s hard to go from having a job where you’re surrounded by people to being entirely on your own. At first, it might feel amazing to have that break from people, but loneliness will work its way in.

Keep yourself active, get involved in activities that get you out of the house. Meet friends for lunch, go to the local cafe to job search, visit family. Try going to local networking events, they can be fun and may help you find a great job. Make sure that you see people a few times a week so that you’re staying social. 

It’s figuroutable

Naturally, you’re going to worry. I can tell you not to, but you’re going to. Remember that you can figure everything out. It takes time. And time is not your friend when you are job searching. But people are, so talk to your nearest and dearest, tell them how you are doing and let them help you. 

When you start to feel overwhelmed, remember that there is a job, it’s going to happen, and it’s figuroutable. 

Manage the rejections

Not every job application is going to be a winner. Interviews may happen and they may not. Have conversations with your family and friends about how your job search is going. You will be surprised by how much they want to help you. 

If you’re looking for a job, take a few minutes to check out the opportunities on our website or give us a call, we’ll be glad to have a chat. 

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