200 CV Power Words/Action Verbs To Boost Your Job Application & How to Use CV Power Words/ Action Verbs in Your CV and Cover Letter

As job seekers, we all know the importance of creating an impressive CV and cover letter that will stand out among the competition. But this is not easy to do! Great news! Using CV power words in your CV and cover letter is a simple yet effective way to boost your job application. By incorporating these impactful words, you can make your achievements and experience sound more impressive and compelling. Power words are impactful and emotional words that can help convey your skills, achievements and experience in a more compelling way. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of using power words in your CV and cover letter, provide examples of how to incorporate them into your job application and give you a mammoth list of 200 power words that you can add to your CV.

What are CV power words /action words?

Power words are also known as action words. They are verbs in the past tense that you use to start each bullet point while you are describing your work experience in your CV. They are also great to add to your cover letter too. They are words like managed, motivated, promoted etc.

Why are power words, action verbs important for your CV and cover letter?

Your CV and cover letter are your chance to make a great first impression on potential employers. Power words can help you achieve this by:

  1. Grabbing the recruiter’s attention: Employers are often inundated with job applications. Using power words can help your application stand out and grab the employer’s attention.
  2. Highlighting your achievements: CV power words can make your achievements sound more impressive and noteworthy. They can help you stand out from other applicants who may be using similar phrasing to describe their achievements.
  3. Conveying your skills and experience: CV Power words can help you demonstrate how you’ve used your skills and experience to achieve success in your previous roles.
  4. Instilling confidence in potential employers: Hiring is an expensive, time consuming process. By using power words in your CV it can help you convey a sense of confidence, competence, and professionalism. This in turn will help your potential employer feel confident about your ability to do the job!

Examples of power words to use in your CV and cover letter

  1. Achieved: This word is a powerful way to highlight your accomplishments. Instead of simply stating that you “completed a project,” you can say that you “achieved a successful outcome” or “delivered outstanding results.”

Example: “Achieved a 25% increase in sales revenue in Q4 2022 through effective marketing strategies.”

  1. Implemented: This word can be used to describe the successful implementation of a new process, system, or idea. It conveys a sense of initiative and leadership.

Example: “Implemented a new project management system that reduced project delivery time by 20%.”

  1. Exceeded: This word is a great way to showcase your ability to go above and beyond expectations. It’s particularly effective when used to describe targets, goals, or performance metrics.

Example: “Exceeded monthly sales targets by 30% through strategic sales techniques.”

  1. Innovated: This word conveys a sense of creativity and originality. It’s particularly effective when used to describe new products, services, or processes that you’ve developed.

Example: “Innovated a new digital marketing campaign that resulted in a 50% increase in website traffic.”

  1. Collaborated: This word demonstrates your ability to work effectively in a team. It’s particularly effective when used to describe cross-functional teams or projects.

Example: “Collaborated with the marketing team to develop a successful social media campaign that increased brand awareness by 40%.”

  1. Streamlined: This word is a powerful way to describe your ability to improve efficiency and productivity. It’s particularly effective when used to describe processes, workflows, or systems.

Example: “Streamlined the recruitment process by implementing a new applicant tracking system that reduced hiring time by 50%.”

  1. Led: This word conveys a sense of leadership and initiative. It’s particularly effective when used to describe teams or projects that you’ve led.

Example: “Led a team of 10 developers to successfully launch a new mobile app within a tight deadline.”

Incorporating power words into your CV and cover letter

Now that you’ve seen some examples of power words, it’s time to incorporate them into your CV and cover letter. Here are some tips:

  1. Use active verbs: Start your sentences with active verbs that convey action and achievement. For example, instead of saying “Responsible for managing the sales team,” say “Managed the sales team to achieve a 25% increase in revenue.”
  2. Be specific: Use your power words to explain exactly what you did.
  3. More is more: Use them in every bullet point of your work experience. CV’s are only 2 pages, don’t waste any words or space!

200 Power Words/ Action Verbs to add to your CV and cover letter from A-Z

  1. Absorbed
  2. Accelerated
  3. Accomplished
  4. Accessed
  5. Acquired
  6. Achieved
  7. Acted
  8. Activated
  9. Adapted
  10. Adjusted
  11. Advised
  12. Advocated
  13. Aided
  14. Aligned
  15. Allocated
  16. Approved
  17. Arranged
  18. Assembled
  19. Assessed
  20. Assigned
  21. Assisted
  22. Attained
  23. Awarded
  24. Began
  25. Budgeted
  26. Built
  27. Campaigned
  28. Changed
  29. Coached
  30. Collaborated
  31. Collated
  32. Compiled
  33. Conducted
  34. Configured
  35. Communicated
  36. Connected
  37. Conserved
  38. Consolidated
  39. Constructed
  40. Consulted
  41. Contributed
  42. Controlled
  43. Converted
  44. Conveyed
  45. Convinced
  46. Coordinated
  47. Cultivated
  48. Customised
  49. Decided
  50. Dedicated
  51. Delegated
  52. Defined
  53. Delivered
  54. Demonstrated
  55. Designed
  56. Determined
  57. Developed
  58. Devised
  59. Diagnosed
  60. Directed
  61. Distributed
  62. Documented
  63. Drafted
  64. Edited
  65. Educated
  66. Effective
  67. Efficient
  68. Emphasised
  69. Encouraged
  70. Energised
  71. Enforced
  72. Engineered
  73. Enhanced
  74. Enthusiastic
  75. Established
  76. Estimated
  77. Evaluated
  78. Examined
  79. Executed
  80. Experienced
  81. Facilitated
  82. Finance
  83. Focused
  84. Forecasted
  85. Formulated
  86. Fostered
  87. Funded
  88. Gained
  89. Generated
  90. Graduated
  91. Guided
  92. Handled
  93. Helped
  94. Hired
  95. Hosted
  96. Identified
  97. Illustrated
  98. Implemented
  99. Improved
  100. Increased
  101. Influenced
  102. Informed
  103. Initiated
  104. Innovated
  105. Inspired
  106. Installed
  107. Instituted
  108. Integrated
  109. Interacted
  110. Interest
  111. Interviewed
  112. Introduced
  113. Investigate
  114. Knowledge
  115. Launched
  116. Leadership
  117. Learned
  118. Lectured
  119. Lessened
  120. Linked
  121. Maintained
  122. Managed
  123. Mapped
  124. Marketed
  125. Measured
  126. Mediated
  127. Merged
  128. Mobilised
  129. Modified
  130. Monitored
  131. Motivated
  132. Negotiated
  133. Observed
  134. Obtained
  135. Opened
  136. Operated
  137. Orchestrated
  138. Ordered
  139. Organised
  140. Originated
  141. Outpaced
  142. Outperformed
  143. Participated
  144. Partnered
  145. Passion
  146. Performed
  147. Persuaded
  148. Planned
  149. Prepared
  150. Presented
  151. Prevented
  152. Prioritised
  153. Problem-solved
  154. Process
  155. Produced
  156. Programmed
  157. Projected
  158. Promoted
  159. Proposed
  160. Prospect
  161. Proved
  162. Provided
  163. Publicised
  164. Purchased
  165. Qualified
  166. Ran
  167. Rated
  168. Reached
  169. Recommended
  170. Reconciled
  171. Recorded
  172. Recruited
  173. Reduced
  174. Referred
  175. Reported
  176. Researched
  177. Resolved
  178. Resulted
  179. Saved
  180. Scheduled
  181. Secured
  182. Selected
  183. Shared
  184. Simplified
  185. Solved
  186. Streamlined
  187. Succeeded
  188. Supervised
  189. Targeted
  190. Team built
  191. Tested
  192. Tracked
  193. Trained
  194. Transformed
  195. Updated
  196. Upgraded
  197. United
  198. Utilised
  199. Validated
  200. Volunteered



Remember, the ultimate goal of your CV and cover letter is to demonstrate why you’re the best candidate for the job. Using power words and action words can help you achieve this by making your skills, experience, and achievements stand out.

So why not give it a try? Choose a few power words and action verbs that best describe your skills and experience and incorporate them into your job application. Whether it’s “achieved,” “innovated,” or “led,” using power words can help you take your job application to the next level.

And don’t forget to proofread your CV and cover letter carefully before submitting them. A polished, error-free job application can make a great first impression and increase your chances of landing a job interview.

Good luck with your job search and don’t forget to sign up with us so we can help on your job search too!


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